Delta Lodge Festive Board Recap

Delta Lodge held a Festive Board on Saturday, November 22, 2014.  The goal was to bring members of the recently merged Delta and St. Paul's-Algonquin Lodges together for an evening of pure enjoyment to encourage the growth of brotherly love among masons who may never have met before that night.

Over 65 members attended, and enjoying seven courses of fine food, and 7 toasts of societal and masonic pillars.  Along with the members who attended, was the District Deputy Grand Master for the 8th Masonic District, Right Worshipful Timothy S. McGavin.  R.W. McGavin took part in the activities and presented the toast to the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Most Worshipful Harvey J. Waugh, who just a month earlier, merged the two lodges into one.

Much fun was had by all, and many friendships forged.  Some masons came from well over a hundred miles away to attend.  Some masons had not come to a lodge event in many years.  We hope to see you all again at our regular meetings whenever your cable-tow allows.  This event was only the beginning.